High-quality forestry, soil and stump milling cutters

​​​​​​​Forestry milling cutters AHWI:

  • Forestry milling cutters are constructed as hanging devices for the carriers, e.g.: excavators, wheel loaders, or tractors with a three-point drawbar of category II-IV and the performance level of 80 - 400 HP.
  • There is a wide variety of employment: utilization as mulchers and milling cutters for the woody plants, preparation of the land for afforestration, maintenance of the forest roads, etc.
  • They allow processing the woody material up to the depth of 5 cm.

Soil milling cutters AHWI:

  • They are constructed as hanging devices that can be connected with tractors in a rage of performance of 120 - 400 HP (depending on a concrete size of particular milling cutter).
  • Due to their solid construction, they can be utilized for grinding and mixing the organic rests with the soil.
  • They are offered in various versions: milling cutters for milling the stumps and lodging rests, milling cutters for the in-depth preparation of the reclamated soil for planting, and also milling cutters for agriculture, forestry, horticulture and green public spaces.

Stump milling cutters AHWI:

  • They are developed for professional long-term operation, and manage to cut each size and type of stumps. They are constructed as hanging devices that are carried on the boom of excavator or crane.
  • Hydraulic stump milling cutter works well in a difficult terrain, e.g.: in the steep slopes, along the fences or the walls.
  • They are highly resistant machines from the hardened metal with a high performance level and low operating costs.
  • They are offered in various versions: takeoff shaft-driven milling cutters for tractors with performance range of 70 - 200 HP, hanging milling cutters with hydraulic engines, or milling cutters triggered directly by the carrying vehicle.