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4.8.2020 / News JENZ optimises product structure andintroduces „JENZ Individual“ product category

The JENZ product range includes woodchippers and biomass processors in different versions. The product structure has now been revised and a completely new category has been introduced with the JENZ Individual product category. Revising the product range is actually a perfectly normal process. It is completely natural that market requirements and customer needs change from time to time and as a manufacturer, you have to react to this. We have established this with our products as well.

This allows the chipper owner to configure the machine even better according to his requirements. At the same time, we have removed machines which are now seldom in demand from our product range. As a result, the program has been streamlined and is now leaner. Please refer to JENZ Product Guide no. 10 to find out which machines are in our series programme. Should a customer have an enquiry which cannot be covered by our current product range, it will be processed in the new "JENZ Individual" category.