JENZ is delivering biomass processor event to Australia

20.6.2017 / News JENZ is delivering its largest biomass processor, the BA 965 DXL, to Australia

The largest JENZ biomass processor, which started its long journey of around 5,500 sea miles into the big wide world, weighs 29 t. Its destination was Australia. The BA 965 DXL is the largest biomass processor made by JENZ. Fitted with the CAT C18 (776 hp), the machine is suitable for use with a wide range of materials such as garden waste, bark, scrap wood or domestic waste. The long belt hopper with a free loading length of 6 m guarantees continuous material flow and facilitates feeding. “We were looking for exactly this machine. It is extremely high-powered and matches our philosophy ‘Big is always best’”, explained Daniel Kastowski, GCM’s CEO of company that bought the machine. “It’s no surprise that the company selected the strongest JENZ shredder available for this purpose. The decision was obviously the right one. The machine has been running perfectly, since it was delivered. It has excellent all-terrain capabilities thanks to its setup on caterpillar tracks, and this pays dividends in what is often rough terrain during construction work. Apart from that the throughput is enormous, and the quality is spot-on as well.”