Mobile chippers

Chippertrucks, hybrid chippertrucks, towed PTO-driven mobile chippers, mobile chippers on trailer or on caterpillar tracks

Professional mobile chippers JENZ are offered with various types of chassis.  Choose the most convenient type of chassis and when the concrete type of chipper according to your needs. 

Mobile HGV chippers (Chippertrucks):

  • JENZ HEM 583 R-Truck
  • JENZ HEM 583 R Cobra
  • JENZ HEM 593 R-Truck
  • JENZ HEM 593 R Cobra

Mobile HGV chippers with hybrid technology (Chippertrucks hybrid):

  • JENZ HEM Chippertruck hybrid
  • JENZ HEM Cobra hybrid

Towed, PTO-driven mobile chippers:

  • JENZ HEM 542 Z
  • JENZ HEM 583 Z
  • JENZ HEM 593 Z
  • JENZ HEM 841 Z

Towed mobile chippers on trailer:

  • JENZ HEM 561 DL
  • JENZ HEM 583 DQ
  • JENZ HEM 820 DL

Mobile chippers on caterpillar tracks:

  • JENZ HEM 540 DL
  • JENZ HEM 561 DL
  • JENZ HEM 820 DL