More power, less consumption

2.11.2017 / News Fendt 1050 and the JENZ HEM 820 Z is currently the most powerful combination available

This is a combination you just have to see: the most powerful Fendt working together with the biggest JENZ-power takeoff shaft chipper. And the master of this powerful technology is Josef Sturm, businessman from Bavarian Hausen, a village in the community of Aindling in the rural district of Aichach Friedberg. The Fendt Vario 1050 is currently the largest series tractor available with its 380 KW (517 hp). HEM 820 Z chips shrubs and standing timber of a diameter up to 80 cm and is designed for large tractors with a power of between 150 kW (200 hp) and 400 kW (540 hp). In other words it’s just right for the largest and most powerful tractor which Fendt ever built.“The capacity is gigantic. We drive the woodchippings away in three sliding floor trailers. At its peak it manages 45 bulk cubic metres every quarter of an hour. That means around 1000 bulk cubic metres of forest woodchippings every day, if it comes from standing timber it sometimes even reaches 2000 bulk cubic metres. For private households we chip using a size  cubic metres per hour” said the businessman. Despite the increased performance, the diesel consumption has been reduced from 4.4 litres per thousand bulk cubic metres down to exactly 4.0 litres. He drives the combination himself. “I manage that really easily. I’m completely satisfied with JENZ machines, and I have never regretted deciding to buy JENZ.“, said Josef Sturm.