New biomass processor JENZ

30.6.2016 / News New biomass processor BA 915 D for composting and substrate preparation

Considerably simplified maintenance and feed-in, optimised draw-in behaviour and extremely high throughput – these are the keywords JENZ is using to advertise its new BA 915 D biomass processor. The machina has been fitted with many innovative detailed solutions.

Uwe Hempen-Hermeier, managing partner of JENZ GmbH, was quickly able to explain the motivation for building the new biomass processor: “Woodchippings have proven themselves as an absolutely competitive energy source over the years. However, reducing oil prizes and the mild winter have caused a difficult market situation at the moment” said Mr Hempen-Hermeier. Low-quality garden and park waste is therefore used for composting more often than not, and JENZ has now developed the BA 915 D for precisely this purpose. The new shredder has not only been designed for composting, it can be optimally used for substrate preparation. In a similar manner to composting, input material must be fragmentised for biogas facilities so that it can be stirred more easily and promote gas formation. “Irrespective of which application, any machine used by contracting companies must be extremely high-powered and, at the same time, exceptionally mobile. These were the core requirements on the new BA 915 D” according to Mr Hempen-Hermeier.