Precision machinery for agriculture

TREFFLER series TS: Precision tine harrows

Harrows are an effective way of controlling weeds: simply by moving earth during the germination and cotyledon stage of the weeds and employing the power of the sun. A method that works for a broad range of crops, be they small or large. TREFFLER offers the right type of harrow for every surface and crop.

Each tine is mounted so it can rotate in relation to the frame and is connected to a tension spring, which is pre-tensioned for the purposes of adjusting tine pressure. As such, the wire cable is wrapped around a charging shaft and the spring is tensioned. The unique features of the tine allow it to adapt individually to unevenness in the soil, a characteristic that prevails under all tine pressure settings.

  • Even tine pressure
  • Control at the crucial moment
  • Full coverage
  • Infinitaly adjustable
  • In (almost) all crops
  • Proven the world over

TREFFLER series TG and TGA: Precison cultivators and Precision 3-point cultivators

The precision cultivator effectively controls perennial and annual weeds and successfully breaks up clover. With a full-coverage, flat cut at a working depth from 2 cm. The rest is left to the sun and the wind.

The standard tine is designed so that deviation only backward and upward is possible. The pivot point is approx. one meter high and 25 cm in front of the share tip for fine depth control based on tensile resistance without making any significant changes to the work position of the sweep. A shear bolt activates in the event of overload, at a triggering force of 900 kg. 

  • Perennial weed control
  • Emergence of weed seeds and volunteer grain
  • Quick drying of cover and weeds
  • Save (soil) water for the next crop
  • Saving fuel
  • Save time - for early cultivation of the next crop

TREFFLER series TF: Precision spring-tooth cultivators

The precision spring-tooth-cultivator supports the work of the cultivator. It employs scattering to control annual weeds, while perennial weeds and clover are laid out on the surface to dry out. The stable-line properties of the patented tine make uncultivated strips a thing of the past. 

Even though it is 70 cm long, the patented tine is unable to deviate to the side thanks to it 60 mm-wide flat-steel spring system. What’s more, the pivot point approx. 15 cm in front of the tine tip ensures even depth guidance.

  • Perennial weed control
  • Annual weed control
  • Preserve soil moister
  • Precise depth guidance  - even without a packer
  • Versatile
  • Flat, full- coverage working
  • Fuel-saving
  • High passage
TREFFLER series TS - Precision tine harrows
TREFFLER series TG - Precison cultivators
TREFFLER series TGA - Precision 3-point cultivators
TREFFLER series TF - Precision spring-tooth cultivators